Dexamethasone-Loaded Silicone for Implantable Systems

All implantable systems trigger a foreign body response—an inflammatory cascade that results in fibrous encapsulation of any foreign object. While some implantable devices can tolerate the foreign body response, many next generation bio-sensors, controlled drug delivery devices, and tissue scaffolds require efficient interaction with surrounding tissue. Fibrous encapsulation can have detrimental effects on these devices, including:

  • Reduced electrical conductivity
  • Inability to integrate with existing tissue
  • Poor drug release
  • Pain and discomfort in patients

Custom Material from Drug Delivery Experts

Particle Sciences is addressing the growing need for implantable materials with our dexamethasone-loaded polymer offering. By combining trusted, biocompatible polymers (silicone, TPU, EVA, PLGA, and others) with a safe, effective anti-inflammatory agent (dexamethasone), we can supply ready-made material that is ideal for prototyping and product development efforts. As dexamethasone elutes from the polymer, it minimizes inflammation and limits the effect of the foreign body response on product performance. Dexamethasone-loaded polymers simplify the product development process, helping you commercialize your implantable system faster.

Particle Sciences has decades of experience developing and manufacturing drug-device combination products. Our in-house capabilities include extensive modeling, physical characterization, injection molding, high shear mixing, extrusion, co-extrusion, and compounding. We have formulated a range of drugs, including highly potent compounds and controlled substances, and Particle Sciences has established preferred relationships with the world’s leading polymer suppliers and CMOs, which ensures a seamless path to commercialization for our clients.


A safe, effective anti-inflammatory agent used in multiple FDA-approved products, including an ophthalmic implant (Ozurdex®) and multiple cardiovascular leads (Medtronic’s Sprint Quattro™ and CapSure™ product lines)


Trusted, biocompatible polymers such as silicone, TPU, EVA, and PLGA for extrusion, injection molding, or solvent processing

Dexamethasone-Loaded Polymer

A ready-made material for developing an implantable system, supplied as a raw material or processed into an intermediate, test article, or finished product