Particle Sciences Services



We formulate APIs to maximize bioavailability, control release rate, and enhance stability.

Micro and Nanotechnology

We have been at the forefront of nanoparticle- and microparticle-based drug delivery since the early 1990s.

Drug / Device Combination Products

We are equipped to handle the complete development, characterization, and GMP manufacturing of your combination product.


We are adept at formulating and manufacturing large molecule therapies such as proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides.

Proprietary Technology

We have a number of patented technologies to utilize in tackling bioavailability and formulation challenges

Feasibility Programs

Particle Sciences offers feasibility programs designed to accelerate product development in many areas.

Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancement

At Particle Sciences, we know that formulating BCS Class II and IV compounds is not one-size-fits-all.


Pre-clinical Manufacturing

Our pre-clinical manufacturing services include R&D, engineering, and GLP test article manufacturing along with full analytical services.

Clinical Manufacturing

Our manufacturing capabilities cover a variety of dosage forms, including powders, semi-solids, devices, solutions, and suspensions.

Commercial Manufacturing

Our specialized team and purpose-built manufacturing facility ensure complex drug products get the care and focus needed to succeed.

ICH Stability Programs

Our well-designed, ICH-compliant stability programs accommodate a range of temperature and humidity conditions.


Analytical Services

We are experts in analytical services such as; Analytical Method Development and Validation, Drug Release Testing, Physical Characterization, Stability Indicating Method Development